Possibly one of the hardest underground Hip Hop albums to come out of Chicago, IL for pariah-covrer2017!! Rising horror-core death rapper Novatore releases his highly anticipated sophomore album titled “PARIAH” consisting of 13 super original songs!  Seems like his whole overall sound, dark and melodic tone and conviction is always getting better and better, being one of the only few to really showcase horror-core Hip Hop.  He incorporates heavy classic golden era samples throughout this project, along with solid theme thought-provoking lyrics that are hard-hitting and all up in your face!  The beats on this album are by far the best I have heard compared to his prior projects, not to say that his past stuff is not dope, but clearly he has mastered is craft for sure.  What stands out to me the most his how super consistent Novatore stays when it comes to his cadence and punchline style delivery.  I personally have been a fan of his music for well over 3 years now!


I really want to point on some of the solid features on this album, the production from Nuttkase (Russia), Nizuk (France), and Chris Ruben (CHI) completely separates this project from others in the death rap scene!  Sic Mind is a dope MC who really went in lyrically on “Mega Powers”, you can peep that video ASAP! Fellow the Ogre is another dope MC which I became an instant fan of when I heard “Cyberhell”.  Novatore kept the features very minimal but at the same time over delivered showcasing his raw talent!  My favorite tracks on this project have to be “Chardonnay” & “Battlefield Red“.  These are to two tracks I’ve been having on repeat for weeks now!!

Overall, Novatore has shown all the critics and naysayers that is a true force to be reckoned with, Hip Hop truly appreciates his contributions, that for sure!  Horror-core, Death Rap is extremely important to me personally, and as far as I’m concerned, Novatore is holding to torch for this sub-genre of Hip Hop!!  In the last few weeks post the album release, we have been getting a lot of feedback, especially from overseas fans, so I really want to thank all the fans who supported this project and gave it a spin!  Underground Hip Hop is worldwide, and fans like this in the UK, South America and other spots is what keeps real Hip Hop alive!  Make sure to peep Novatore’s new album “PARIAH” today!  I guarantee you wont be disappointed!!


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